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Sendink keys to a console window

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Try this one...

Run(@ComSpec & " /c title TestTitle & " & @ComSpec);Start Console Window with the Title 'TestTitle'
WinWait("TestTitle");Wait until it exists
If ControlSend("TestTitle", "", "", '12345 !"§$%',0) == 1 Then;send some keys...
    MsgBox(0, "", "Keys sent")
    MsgBox(0, "", "No Keys sent")

It should Send '12345 !"§$%' to the console window but in the console window '12345 2345' appears

am i doing something wrong?

Edit: It works when using send() but i need a way to send keys to a hidden window

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try sending it raw:

ControlSend("UltraEdit", "", "EditControl1", '12345 !"§$%',1)

it thinks you want to send ALT+" blah blah blah.

!a is ALT+A

raw version

!a is !a

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