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GUICtrlCreatePic problem

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I'm using three images in a menu using GUICtrlCreatePic(). The menu always works properly but the images aren't showing on three laptops I've tested it on and they aren't showing using Virtual PC 2004. (The graphics do show on the machine Virtual PC is running on under the native OS.) All the desktops and one laptop I've tested show the images. I've used both .jpg and .bmp files for the images. All machines are running WinXP Pro with SP2.

I'm guessing the problem is with the graphics chipsets. The laptop that works is a dell with an nvidia chipset. I don't have the other laptops anymore but one was an ATI Radeon 7xxx chipset and another was a Trident chipset.

Does anyone know anything about this problem? Thanks for any help you can give.


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I also noticed that sometimes my pics wont show unless I give them an extra 2 pixel breathing space.

so if img is 100x300 my space for it will need to be 102x302

this could also be because of something else bumping into its frame but im pretty sure I double and even triple checked all of that.

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