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pass char from dll c++ to autoit

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I have a little problem, big for me...

I write a dll for serial comunication. The function below, receive the characters from rsr232 and function, but the value don't pass to dllCall().. WHY???

Where do I mistake??

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) char GetByte()


char rxchar;


static DWORD iBytesRead;

bReadRC = ReadFile(hCom, &rxchar, 1, &iBytesRead, NULL);

if (bReadRC) {

if (rxchar.GetByte(1) != NULL) {

return rxchar;


} // return 0 if no character read


This is syntax of dllCall:

$byteTmp = DllCall('commg.dll','str:cdecl','GetByte')

Is it good?

Thank you

Regards Roby

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