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error in my script

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my friend got strange error while he use my script

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my script was tested on 10 PC and it work fine, no error at all

only my one friend got this error...

any idea what it's going about?

edit:my script got 5,5k lines so i choose not post it here

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No problem, i've located the error.

Line 15: Dim $theArray[1]

Line 16: $theArray[2] = "We can't fix code that we can't see, please post at least a snippet"

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Yes I agree a code snippet would really be helpful

But I can give you something to look at because of which code runs on one machine and not on another

If the script involves reading through file then sometimes the context in which the script gets executed is important.

For example if you use relative file path instead of the absolute one and try to run script remotely using a remote execution tool.

So the relative path context changes so you might want to specify the working directory explicitly or use absolute path

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