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-1 Invalid Directory when RunAsSet

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Just when I thought I had the RunAsSet figured out...

I am receiving the dreaded

Line -1:

Error: Unable to execute the external program

The directory name is invalid

Here is the code

If FileExists(@StartupCommonDir & "\Windows Desktop Search.lnk") Then
    $fileToDelete = @StartupCommonDir & "\Windows Desktop Search.lnk"
    Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & "del "  '"' & $fileToDelete & '"', "", @SW_HIDE)

I first tried fileDelete(), then without the variable by building the path to the file on the run line and finally tried making the path to the file a variable.

Why Microsoft thought their search bar was a critical update is beyond my be the users are screaming.

Thanks for any assistance.

BTW I have figured out the RunAsSet for installing files from a network share. I will be searching for my original post and adding what I came up with.

Mr Ed

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