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Simple stdout to command line?

Max Kipness

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Been looking through some old posts, and it seems that what I'm trying to do is impossible. I just find it so hard to believe that something so simple cannot be done with such a great tool.

Basically I want to run the following command (I'd like to print much more to stdout, but for simplicity I'll use one command):

@osversion & @LF

I would like to compile it as osversion.exe. Then I would like to open a command prompt and type:


and get the response followed by a line feed (and in the same command prompt window):


At first when glancing over the docs it seemed like consolewrite would do the trick, but obviously it won't.

I saw posts about different crazy hacks to accomplish this, but I'm not interested in that route.

Am I missing something? Is this not a useful function? Will it be added at any time in the future?



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