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Disk Cache

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I search a way to disable "Disk Cache" to get the true HardDisk benchmarks during a script execution...

Is there a way to use the command fileinstall (or similar) without the use of the windows caching ability? (Direct disk access)


Is there a way to disable the windows "Write caching on disk" service during a script?

Manual way to do it is:

Windows XP
Start at the desktop.
Right-click on My Computer, then left-click on Properties.
Click on the Hardware tab at the top.
Click on the Device Manager button.
Click on the + next to Disk Drives to expand it.
Right click on the hard drive on which to turn write caching off, then left click Properties.
Click on the Policies tab.
Click on Enable write caching on the disk to remove the tick. It must be ticked.
Click OK.
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