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HotKeySet("1", "Func1")
HotKeySet("2", "Func2")
HotKeySet("3", "Func3")
HotKeySet("4", "Func4")
HotKeySet("=", "Exit")

Whenever I try to add multiple HotKeys liks above, none of them the code works anymore, is there a a reason for this or would it be that they are working but my code in the functions isn't?

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Strange answer Larry. Yourself made the solution for this...

How to set an hotkey on the key '0'

;In the first 10 second pressing the key 0 (not in the numpad) will show a msgbox
AdlibEnable ('_test',50)

Func _Test()
   $aState = DLLCall("user32","int","GetAsyncKeyState","int",0x30)
   If $aState[0] = -32767 Then

Func _FunctionToCall()
   MsgBox(0,'','Wow, it works!')

The original Larry code is here, check it out.

Edited by ezzetabi

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