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Calendar XP is program witch will help you to manage you busnies time

Now i will not post suorce but after finishing softwae you will get the suorce here to.

Sorry for being paranoid. <_<

you can find sctren shoots at www.ksg.lt/ad.htm

Now it dosent have language support it in my native language Lithuanian.

But if there will be request i will do that.

I use Mysql ODBC connector. Later will try to simulate mysql protocol by it self.

It has employes list

information list

day tips

DL link:


SS link:




Addeded source.

To run this you nead ODBC http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20814 it is included in full instal.

to do list


view stetup




Instant mesaging

mail client

contact list

document store

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Hehehe.. After seeing the screenshots, I will be waiting for either the English language breakout you spoke of or the source so I can translate myself. I love the concept and would love to see something come of this. My keyboard doesn't do Lithuanian.. LOL

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