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Embed XML / SWF Charts UDF


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The homepage of XML/SWF Charts: http://www.maani.us/xml_charts/index.php

Download page for required files: http://www.maani.us/xml_charts/index.php?menu=Download

Example gallery: http://www.maani.us/xml_charts/index.php?menu=Gallery


1. You will need the contents of charts.zip extracted to your script folder.

2. Place the file "embedswfxmlchart.au3" in your script folder.

3. Feel free to test the xml files from the example gallery.

The UDF: embedswfxmlchart.au3

Example 1 Complete ZIP: http://www.fallenstar.net/autoit/EXAMPLE1.zip

Example 1: EXAMPLE1.au3

In the image below is the same exact graph twice, one generated from an XML file:


The second is graph is generated via AutoIt code that generates the same XML at runtime.


Example 2: EXAMPLE2.au3

This is just 2 different 3D graphs.




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You have to have the SWF file from the SWF / XML homepage in your script folder.

I added a complete zip file at the top for Example 1, it contains everything needed.

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Look pretty good! i will test it later. Great feature for my project.

Thank you for sharing this

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thank you! This was a great starter for me (into flash within an AutoIt GUI) :D

Based on this UDF, I experimented with an alternative flash chart engine, called FusionCharts (Free), which still looks very good but not as nice as XML/SWF Charts but has less restrictions in the free version and is published under MIT and/or GNU license.

My example may be found here.


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