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ITaskbarList in shell32.dll

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I'm having loads of trouble using ITaskbarList described here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb774652.aspx

Is it a call to shell32.dll? Or is it a COM Object? In my searches, I've seen it described both ways. If it's a DLL call, I've tried:

$button = WinGetHandle("VLC (hardware YUV overlay DirectX output)") ; works

$shell = DllOpen("shell32.dll")

DllCall($shell, "int", "HrInit")

DllCall($shell, "int", "DeleteTab", "hwnd", $button) ; returns S_OK (I think?) but doesn't do anything


But I think that's retarted since it doesn't describe the method.

If it's COM, then, WTF?

Help! Any other ways of accomplishing removal or hiding of a particular taskbar button are also welcome.

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