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Basic Scrolling Window

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I have my other post which seems to be stumping or irritating people so I was just wondering What Style options are required to make a working Window scroll bar? As I seem to be unable to make one.


Don't think you need to start a new thread... The folks with detailed knowlegde on the GUI stuff will see it and get back to you...

Just my guess at this moment and didn't look at the AutoIt3 source yet but it could be that the Window Scrolling message event is not implemented.

The WS_VSCROLL is normally used for controls like listbox and Edit...

For testing i added 2 lines to the loop to see what's reported back by GUIGetMsg():

While 1
   $msg = GUIGetMsg()
   If $msg <> 0 then _
      MsgBox(4096,'debug:' , '$msg:' & $msg);### Debug MSGBOX 
      Case $msg = $next

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