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Creating a GUI like Windows Explorer

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Hello Board,

I'm new here, but I'm a member of the german AutoIt-Board since september 2007. I work with Autoit since five months, and with the great help of the german members I'd learned in this short time, to understand the most of this AutoIt-Language and possibilities.

I'd threaded my greatest problem in the german board, but i hope, you'll not see this as a crossposting, because the answers at my question there made me sad... In fact, those elements i'm searching for, could only be created by dll calls, objects or with the Au3lib. But i don't know, how...

My problem is, that I wish to create an Windows-Explorer-like GUI with AutoIt - but there are two special elements, wich aren't described in the GUI functions reference nor in any UDF, Wiki, board or information I'd looked at.

I don't know the right IT names for this controls, sorry about this. But I'm searching for functions (or (ex)styles) to create

- movable button-toolbars (like this in Windows-Explorer), and

- this movable border-element beetween Windows Explorer treeview (folder view) and list view (content view)

I hope, that it's possible to code this in AutoIt, and someone here will show me, where i'll find information, how to create this.

Many thx

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