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Execute function in Visual .NET

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I'm developing a program in Visual .NET and translating some of IE.au3 functions to Visual .NET functions. Everything was going just fine, until I tripped over Execute function in _IEFormElementRadioSelect. Specifically this line:

$oItems = Execute("$o_object.elements('" & $s_Name & "')")

So, how can I translate/use Execute in Visual .NET?


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Hello poisonkiller,

An Eval/Execute native method in VB.NET? I'm not aware of one off-hand ( no "CallByName" ).

Perhaps you could use COM interop with the Microsoft Script Control, Delegates, or Reflection.

Just a thought, but if automating IE via .NET is your goal, you might want to look at Selenium, WatiN, or WebAii.

Hope this helps,


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