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Determine Laptop

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I wrote this function to find out if an XP computer has a battery. Figuring if it has a battery it must be a laptop. I expect someone will clean it up, but here it is in it's raw form.

Func HasBattery()
    Dim $Rootkey = "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ACPI"
    Dim $Key, $SubKey, $i, $i2

    For $i = 1 To 2000
        $Key = RegEnumKey($RootKey, $i)
        If $Key = "" Then ExitLoop
        For $i2 = 1 To 2000
            $SubKey = RegEnumKey($RootKey & "\" & $Key, $i2)
            If $SubKey = "" Then ExitLoop
            $Class = RegRead($RootKey & "\" & $Key & "\" & $SubKey, "Class")
            If $Class = "Battery" Then Return 1
    Return 0

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@Larry, I have cool idea. How bbout a DllCall to find out about remaining battery power?

EDIT: foo, seems that the battery power api needs a structure to dump info into.

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