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problems with arraydelete

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I have looked over the forums and help files for the last 2 hours and am going to go crazy!

I am trying to remove data from an array which has more then one dimension.

Func _process_data ()

$datafile = IniRead ( $inifile, "file", "datafile", "")

$tempfile = IniRead ( $inifile, "file", "tempfile", "")

;MsgBox(4096, "returned data from dialog (if any)", $datafile)

;MsgBox(4096, "returned data from dialog (if any)", $tempfile)

$evedata = _CSVReadFile( $tempfile, "," )

_ArrayDisplay ( $evedata )

For $i = Ubound($evedata)-1 to 1 step -1

;MsgBox(4096, "", $i )

$type = StringInStr ( $evedata[$i][2], "donation",0, 1 )

;MsgBox(4096, "", $i & " - " & $type )

if $type > 0 Then

_ArrayDelete ( $evedata, $i )

MsgBox(4096, "", $i & " - " & $type & " removed" )



_ArrayDisplay ( $evedata )


I end up with the error "Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded."

Here is a sample of the data im working with in csv format

2007-10-30 22:10:00,542613580,Player Dnation,user1,user2,,-567000000.00,1056201337.00,lotto win

2007-10-30 22:09:00,542608771,Player Donation,user1,user2,,-567000000.00,1623201337.00,lotto win

Can anyone help or give me any pointers please?


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thanks randallc

the only other way i could think todo it was to remake the array and copy the stuff to it.

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