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How to click on a control in GIMP?

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Hi, forum.

I'm sure the most of you know GIMP, on my opinion the ultimative tool for editing pictures. Now, I have a problem. I recently started a little AutoIt project with a friend, in which we need to have to use GIMP partially automated. Does someone know a way to get access to GIMPs controls via AutoIt?

I've already tried several methods, the most of them ended up in doing just a selection of the control, but not a click. I tried the following methods:

Controlclick("[TITLE:The GIMP; CLASS:gdkWindowToplevel]", "", "gdkWindowChild32","LEFT", 1)

ControlSend("[TITLE:The GIMP; CLASS:gdkWindowToplevel]", "", "gdkWindowChild32", "{ENTER}")

ControlCommand("[TITLE:The GIMP; CLASS:gdkWindowToplevel]", "", "gdkWindowChild32", "Check", "")

ControlEnable("[TITLE:The GIMP; CLASS:gdkWindowToplevel]", "", "gdkWindowChild32")

ControlDisable("[TITLE:The GIMP; CLASS:gdkWindowToplevel]", "", "gdkWindowChild32")

The results are the same while using any of the listed functions. It seems that the controls were programmed a bit specially (GTK+ Runtime, I don't know what this means), so I didn't get proper access on them. I assume, there is a way to send commands to that kind of special controls using some dll's or something, but I don't really know how. Please, can someone tell me, if there is such a method, and how it would look like?

Also hideing controls didn't work properly, which we'd have to use as well for some controls. Below, you see the function I tried to use:

ControlHide("[TITLE:The GIMP; CLASS:gdkWindowToplevel]", "", "gdkWindowChild33")

Unlike I thought that it would be, hideing only disables the functionality of a button, but the button (icon) itself still remains visible. I'd appreciate to have a solution for this issue as well.


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