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properly use of "call"function

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i was trying to create a little program with an endless loop but the script works only once...


HotKeySet("^!x", "MyExit")

Dim $var, $X, $Y


Call ("find")

Func find()



Until $var == 0xFFFFFF

MouseClick ( "right", $X, $Y, 1)


Func search()

$X = Random (0, 1024, 1)

$Y = Random (0, 768, 1)

$var = PixelGetColor( $X, $Y)

MouseMove ($X, $Y ,5)


Func MyExit()




as you can see abouve i was trying to do the "find" function untill "^!x" is pressed, this code works only 2 times, so i cannot see the differnece between the 'function name' and the 'call'+'function'

thank you for your help

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In your case, Call("find") does exactly the same as find(). That's why it does it twice. If you want to do that endlessly, just do it like this:

While 1
    Sleep(50);Avoid CPU load

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