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Is there a way to present a user with a form with text inputs and dropdowns and retrieve that data? I saw something about using an HTA file in the Utils area, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I'm thinking of modifying it so that the submit button concatinates all the answers into a URL (as it would if it actually submitted to a URL), copy that to the clipboard, then close the window. The AutoIt script could see when the window closes, then pass the clipboard to a function that separates the values for processing.

Ultimately, I'd like to create a form, have the user choose options and click a "save" button and have all the input stored in an array. I don't like using numerous InputBox's, plus I believe they only get text, with no ability to present checkboxes and dropdowns.

With all the utilities I've seen, it would be nice to maybe have one that could be controlled similarly to AutProgress, that would allow a script to dynamically add/change/remove form fields. For instance, you could Run() this program, then make it create a text input called "First Name" at X,Y. Add a text input called "Last Name" at X,Y. Add a radio button group called "account" at X,Y. Add a radio button to that group with a default value of "login" and description text of "I already have an account". Add a radio button to that group with a value of "register" and a description of "Create New Account". Add a button called "Save" at X,Y that would call a custom function like "GetInputs($formname)". This function would read the values of the fields, check for errors, and either and close the form window, or optionally update the values in the form if there are conflicts.

Does anyone know a way to do this?

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DOH! That was silly of me. :P


I had seen the AU3GUI, but hadn't really used it. It looks like a decent utility, although it takes a lot of code to get a dialog to have several inputs laid out the way you want them. I understand that code could be in an include file, but it still seems like a lot of work. B)

What I'd really prefer is the ability to interact with the content of an IE browser window. It seems the content portion of a browser window shows up as one big control. :evil: I'd like to be able to read and write the values of the controls within a page, similarly to the control functions for Windows dialogs. ;)

I'd like to control the layout of my form using HTML. Then populate it with values, and be able to capture the choices using AutoIt3. This would allow for questionnaire-type forms to be created quickly :( and be displayed to the user in a fashion already familiar to them... a browser window :angry:.... vs a huge, grey Windows dialog with a log of inputs, or several dialogs which might seem interrogative. :lmao:

Thoughts? :whistle:

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