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Can the buttons up, down, left and right be set as hotkeys ?

I would really like to use them in the creation of a simple GUI menu system im working on

Neither of the following will work for me !

HotKeySet("{DOWN}", "")

HotKeySet("down", "")
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Those commands will erase the current settings. You need to specify a function to be run on keypress.


HotKeySet ( "key" [, "function"] )



The key(s) to use as the hotkey. Same format as Send().


[optional] The name of the function to call when the key is pressed. Leave blank to unset a previous hotkey.

*** Matt @ MPCS

EDIT: Added more of the definition from the help file.

Edited by Matt @ MPCS
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You should just test before you ask, try:

HotKeySet("{down}", "msg")
Func msg()
MsgBox(0, "It worked", "So it does work!")
While 1

Does it work?

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