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Executing through List

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Global $Filename = "C:\setm.m3u"
Dim $Array[1]
Dim $temp[1]

GUICreate("List GUI");

$list=GUICtrlCreateList ("", 25,10,350,97)

_FileReadToArray($Filename, $Array)
For $i=1 To $Array[0]

The text file I've loaded on to the list happens to have paths for other files. Is it possible that when its displayed, I could double click on it to have it executed? (Multiple-line execution would be perfection)


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For double click on listbox, LBN_DBLCLK (search forum for that, there are many readymade examples).

Not sure what do you mean by "Multiple-line execution". Multiple selected items? Set listbox style $LBS_EXTENDEDSEL or $LBS_MULTIPLESEL, then get all selected items and do whatever with them in your LBN_DBLCLK handler. To get all selected items, see ListBox UDF which comes with AutoIt, function names may differ depending on which version of AutoIt you are using, but it's all there.

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