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Send and sleep?

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I am making a small script to watch a chatlog of a game (FFXI If you are wondering)and when it sees a color in a designated location it sends a key combination.

I have 2 accounts in the game and most ingame functions are/can be paformed by custimizable ingame macro palats. I want to play one charactur and tell the other one what to do via privit messages. Thus paforming a paticuler action.

Right now I have it searching the paticuler colors and locations my PM will show up and set to send proper keys. But befor I finalize the script I want it to act more human like.

No human can push buttens and act at the same speed every time...

So I was wondering how do you add sleep time between key stroks?

I tride search and didnt see anything that looked right..I may be blind though or clueless what to look for.

I have tried sevral ways but I eather get an error on load or as of right now it just typs (1 1 1 1...). Where it gets spaces I dont know.

Note: only part of script (most of the rest is just a copy of this base.

$Random = Random( 100, 300, 1)

While 1 ;

PixelSearch ( 110, 590, 120, 600, 0xFF19FF, 10, 2 )

If Not @error Then Sleep($Random)

Send ( "{LALT DOWN} " )


Send ( "{1} " )


Send ( "{LALT UP}" )


Thank you for any help!


I like PIE!

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Opt("SendKeyDelay", 5)

Where 5 is the milliseconds between keystrokes...

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