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Regarding PixelCheckSum performance

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Hi all,

This is my first post here so dont blame me :P

I just want to know if i m doing something like it should be done

or if there is another way to do this faster.

So in short, i first scan an area for something changing (using pixelchecksum) and if i find anything changing,

i need to know EXACTLY where it is changing.

So my approach is like this :

Posted Image

then when i have 3 areas which contains my 'changing things' i do a union (AND) of all of them (or at least the last 2) and check every square

to finally find EXACTLY what is changing.

Basically another way to do this is to simply check every single square after a succesful first big scan.

So my question is, will my approach be less consumming (statistically) than the most basic approach (checking every square after the first scan) ?

Or, is there another way to do this faster ?

hope i am clear enough.

thanks in advance for any reply.




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