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How can I work with Web browser controls?

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I have to automate some clicking and information filling in my Web browser controls (currently Opera, I would use IE if I have to) for Forex and Stock research. How can I do this without pixel searching or exact mouse clicking all the time? Is there a part of autoit that works directly with the browsers fields/controls? If not, is there a similar scripting language that can do that?

Many thanks in advance!

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It would be a hundred times easier using IE since the IE library is easy to use and has anything you're looking for, if it's okay to use IE, look up _IE* functions in the helpfile and check out the examples.

However, if you aren't using IE, I suppose this can be done using:

ControlCommand / ControlClick / Control* functions

WinGetHandle/Win* functions

Look some of those up in the helpfile


Awaiting Diablo III..

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