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Another aspell spell check tool

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this tool uses aspell to check and replace single words in windows

applications. Just hoover the mouse over a word, and press the hotkey.

It is made for my personal use, but maybe you want to have a look at it.

What it does:

- uses an ini file to store different aspell configurations

- switch between aspell configs via tray menu

- replace the word in question with an aspell suggestion

- add new words to personal dictionary

- text auto selection (a double click where the mouse hoovers)

- if no aspl.ini is found, a new file with remarks will be created

- generates an icon file for the .exe

What it needs:

- Aspell (http://aspell.net/win32/) needs to be installed on the computer,

english dic is included

- further dictionaries, if you want


- start it, there is a traymenu

- hoover the mouse over a word in i.e. SciTE, press Ctrl-d

- choose a replacement word from the list

- or add word to personal dictionary

- or click anywhere else to close the orange gui

- orange gui can be moved (left mouse click and drag)


- depending on the editor, autoselect selects more than the word unter the

mouse cursor, i.e. adjacent periods or commas, so replacing the selection

would destroy the text. At the moment, a warning is displayed prior to

replacing the selected text, in this case.

About the script, as we are in the example forum:

- gui event mode, always makes my scripts more responsive

- aspell.exe stays open, "interactive" queries via StdinRead/Write

- traymenu item names come from ini file

Edit: I just realized the TABs look bad in the download file.

TAB spacing is set to 4 in my editor, thats why.


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nice :P

[center]See the Helpfile[/center]
While Alive()

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