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How to backup Win2k Registry and or key

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Thank you josbe, but I am very familar with the workings of regedit under Win9x /XP... that page does not give me a straight forward answer though. If you want to see the work I have done with registry backup... I have created functions for importing and exporting registry entries. It can be found at this post here. I was uncertain though whether it would work or not under 2K. My question stands unanswered.

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Still for a complete backup you have to use EruNT. The usual regedit is good only for exporting some keys.

For command line editing you can try Reg.exe that is included in standard WinXP installation. and for 2000 is avaiable in the internet

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Guest Py7|-|[]/\/

I just copied the entire registry onto a remote folder on desktop. Then I messed around with that and replaced when necessary. Or just recover defaults through DOS.

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AFAIK the Win2k files can't be copied that way since they are in use. Secondly accessing NTFS drives may be difficult in DOS.

Still in you want to try the Blackdiablo idea registry is in files called

DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE and SYSTEM in the system32\config folder

and NTUSER.DAT and USRCLASS.DAT in the users folder (a couple for every user).

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