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Blizzard CD keys

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Hello all,

I need to write a program that will change the CD keys for Blizzard games (especially Diablo 2, Warcraft and Frozen Throne).

Let's assume that we have a LAN with 20 terminals and we have 5 original CD keys for each Blizzard's game. I want to make a program that will do the following:

- Read a remote (INI/text) file containing all the original Blizzard CD keys for each game.

- Will check a flag to see if each CD key is used or not at that moment by another terminal in the LAN.

- The first available (not used) CD key will be read/used.

- This CD key should be written to the Blizzard appropriate game files so as to be recognized by the game upon execution.

- After the game terminates, the CD key will be "released/returned" by setting the appropriate flag to the INI file initially read.

The whole idea is to use the (let's say) 5 original cd keys simultaneously among 20 terminals, but being able to use them in any terminal until the available number of cd keys is reached.

If Blizzard stored the CD key in registry, this would be no problem at all - however it prefers storing them in a/some files that I know nothing about their structure.

I found some CD key changers on the net that work and I can use AutoIT to automate this procedure, however they have a major disadvantage: While typing the CD key on the screen (either manually or automatically with AI3) the CD key is visible to the user. This can become dangerous, since a user can "steel" the CD key while being typed on screen... (typing may be fast, but I achieved to steel my own after a few tries while testing this).

So I 've thought of writing on my own this information in Blizzard's game files (so as the CD key to be invisible to the end user). Does anyone know how to achieve this (maybe with an external DLL or any other method) ? Is anyone aware of this file structure?

P.S. I know that a couple of companies here in Greece have written such programs to be used mainly by internet cafes, but I don't know the method (or the programming language) they used...

Thank you all in advance.

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1. Save the title of the window where the CD-key is typed

2. Use AutoIt3 Window Spy to check what the control names are of the input boxes where you type the CD-key and save them

3. There will be a "Finish", "Continue", "Next" or "OK" button. Save the control name of that button

Your script:

1. Hide the window that contains the CD-key: WinSetState("Title", "", @SW_HIDE)

2. Use ControlSend or ControlSetText to "type" the CD-key

3. Use ControlClick to "click" on the button

4. (optional) You could display the hidden window again using WinSetState("Title", "", @SW_SHOW)


- The CD-Key is not visible to the user

You could display a SplashWindow that says "Please wait" when the CD-Key is being entered.

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Excellent tip, thank you very much :) I didn't know that I can send keys to a hidden window..

Thanks again, I'm really grateful :)

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Guest Py7|-|[]/\/

By the way, erebus. On www.blizzhackers.com in their forums section, under the forum called D2 Bots and Program Support, in the Official Downloads thread at the top, there is already a D2 LOD Cd Key Changer program. Also, check out StealthBot (search google, I think it is www.stealthbot.net).

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