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Non-English path handling problem in FileInstall

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The following code is to generate an A.EXE file and it will be linked inside a web page. So when someone clicks A.EXE link, it will be downloaded to the @TempDir folder and will execute "winvnc.exe" using "Run" function.

$execdir = @TempDir & "\"

FileInstall("winvnc.exe", $execdir, 1)




Run($execdir & "winvnc.exe " & " -connect -noregistry", $execdir)

This code perfectly works except when @TempDir has non-english charactes. For example, Korean.

FileInstall function does not copy "winvnc.exe" into @TempDir and as a result, Run fails to find it.

Can anyone fix this problem?

If so, please send me the answer to ehaerim@gmail.com.


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what does:

MsgBox(0, "test", @TempDir )oÝ÷ Ú·­º¹ß¢¼¨ºí⨭槧!wÜ!jÛ!¢é]ÚÞ¶êçþ«¨µæ®¶­sbb33c¶WV6F"ÒFV×F"fײgV÷C²b3#²gV÷C°¤×6t&÷ÂgV÷C·FW7BgV÷C²Âb33c¶WV6F"¤fÆTç7FÆÂgV÷C·vçfæ2æWRgV÷C²Âb33c¶WV6F"Â¥'Vâb33c¶WV6F"fײgV÷C·vçfæ2æWRgV÷C²fײgV÷C²Ö6öææV7B#ã#CãsRã#CC£SSÖæ÷&Vv7G'gV÷C²Âb33c¶WV6F"

The MsgBox returns a path including Korean characters. The path is correct on the Korean PC.

For example, C:\Documents and Settings\이해림~1\Local Settings\Temp\

However, "FileInstall" seems to fail to install "winvnc.exe" into the path specified by $execdir.

Therefore, "Run" function couldn't find "winvnc.exe" under $execdir.

So, the point is that "FileInstall" handles correctly non-english path for the destination folder.

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