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Wait for Cursor ID:

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I have an application to automate and monitor the time it takes to display a result of search within its popup window.

When the search is started I can see nothing changes within the Active Window Info except the Cursor ID: value changes while the window is being filled-in with results.

Since this is the only information I have indicating that the search is complete (I need to time this event for a stress-test), I'd like to see if there is a way to capture it within AutoIt script... something like a WinWait() method but the one that captures the CursorID value change.

Is this possible?

P.S. Even if there's no such specific method, I could still loop the "while CursorID = xxx" ... but I need to know how I could use the CursorID value within the script for such purpose.

Thank You.

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Hello sstouk,

Would this do the trick?

Dim $initialCursorID = MouseGetCursor()

; Initiate Test here...

Dim $start = TimerInit()
While MouseGetCursor() <> $initialCursorID 
    Sleep( 10 )
ConsoleWrite( TimerDiff( $start ) & @CRLF)


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Thank you so much!

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