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Running a program.

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Alright how do you run a program thats NOT in @scriptDir w/e

This is some things I tried:

Run( @programfilesdir &"RevertTo109.Bat")

FileOpen ( @programfilesdir &"RevertTo109.Bat")

I even went as far to do this, after creating a shortcut to the .bat.

FileMove( @scriptdir "\RevertTo109.Bat", @programfilesdir "\Diablo II")

Run( "Shortcut to RevertTo109.Bat" )

None of which worked.

If you haven't guessed, the file I want to run is in the users programs folder. I've tried everything I can think of to run that program, can someone PLEASE help me?

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Its in the help file.

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Alright now I feel stupid for not having found it BUT...

I still cant get it to work. I would learn this a bit easier if I could get an example.

the .bat i want to run is in the program files directory , and is named RevertTo109

I do NOT want you to do the work for me , so if thats what you think I'm asking , than would you just explain how to use it please.


I've read the help files description and tried to do it a couple times. VERY frustrating.

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