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PixelCheckSum Bug

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everytime im running my script is a differnt value of the pixelchecksum i really dkn whats wrong

Opt("MouseCoordMode", 2)
Opt("PixelCoordMode", 2)

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")

$PCheckSum = 1314899972
$box_size = 30
$num_of_rows = 4
$num_of_columns = 10
$InvStartY = 319
$InvKey = "i"

Func inventory($key)

inventory($InvKey);open inventory
For $rows = 1 To $num_of_rows step +1
   $InvStartX = 435
   For $cols = 1 to $num_of_columns step +1
                MouseMove($InvStartX, $InvStartY, 10)
                 $sum = PixelChecksum($InvStartX, $InvStartY, $InvStartX+$box_size, $InvStartY+$box_size)
                  ConsoleWrite("I koordinat (" & $InvStartX & "," & $InvStartY & ") er pixelchecksummen " & $sum & " (Hex=" & Hex($sum, 6) & ")")
                    If $sum = $PCheckSum Then
                   ConsoleWrite(" (Venstre musseknaip aktiveret)" & @LF)
                  MouseClick("left", $InvStartX, $InvStartY, 2, 10)
                 MouseClick("left", 100, 100, 1, 10)
               $InvStartX = $InvStartX + $box_size
       $InvStartY = $InvStartY +$box_size
Func Terminate()
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