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Drag and drop items

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Can anyone think of a way where you can select an item, and move it to somewhere else within the screen. For example, if you use CTRL+E to explore your windows directories, in the right hand panel you get the folders, supposing you wanted to drag one them (folderA) onto your desktop.

I know you could just do this as a command, but supposing you need to actually simulate the dragging and dropping of an item.

In my AUT, I have a form, when I WinSpy on it, it doest see the objects or text of the objects in the form, if you see the attached screenshot you can the app.

Basically it consists of a week grid of days, on these you can schedule programmes etc, the programmes can be dragged and dropped from say mon to tues....

Problem is, as I will be tetsing this on different machine, resolution comes into play, so that rules out X,Y coords, any other ideas?

Any tricks of the trade where autoit is concerned?

Thanks in advance, a tricky one I know....


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