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You're obviously not using the unstable, otherwise you would see that the example for InetGet() shows how to do just this very thing (Only it uses a TrayTip* instead of a ProgressSet, but thats an easy change). This isn't possible with the stable, URLDownloadToFile().

* Devs: I wouldn't use TrayTip in any example except the TrayTip example. The same goes for WinSetTrans and any other Windows 2000\XP only functions I may be forgetting. Since those functions won't work on all versions of Windows, I feel they should be kept out of examples so that what is there in the example will always work on all systems. Basically what I'm trying to say is, I think it might cause confusion if a new user tries to run that example on a version of Windows prior to 2000 and then the example doesn't work.

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Then how where you planning to put and progress bar in??

for as far as i know you can get the full size of the thingy ur downloading (well I can't!)

i use the inetget

*If u thought life couldn't get worse, u meet me *<guy> What would you give my little sister to unzip ?<friend> 10 bucks<guy> No, i mean like Winzip...
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