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2 out of 3 of my regexp work ?!?

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I'm making a program where i need regexp. I use 3, but only 2 are actually working, while they're very similar...

This is the piece of code where the problem is :

; Read in lines of text until the EOF is reached
While 1
    $line = FileReadLine($fileRead)
    If @error = -1 Then 
    $energie = StringRegExp($line,'ISU;([GE]);',1)
    $readPDL = StringRegExp($line,'ISU;[GE];([0-9]{20});',1)
    $miseEnService = StringRegExp($line,';([0-9]{8})\n',1)
    If StringCompare($energie[0],"E") == 0 Then
        FileWriteLine($fileResultE,$readPDL[0] & ";" & $miseEnService[0])
        FileWriteLine($fileResultG,$readPDL[0] & ";" & $miseEnService[0])

It works well with $energie and $readPDL, but for $miseEnService, the compiler keeps telling me "Subscript used with non-Array variable" when I try to write the line.

Any idea why it works with the 2 other variables and not this one?

Thanks for help

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You should post an example of the $line variable so we know what it looks like. The 3rd regex statement clearly doesn't find a match in your line.

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