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_GUICtrlListView_GetOrigin() always returns 0,0

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My 3rd-party app requires the icon of a list view item to be left-clicked to select it. I guess it ignores most other events (select etc.).

Okay, so I'm using _GUICtrlListView_GetItemRect to get the x/y in the control, but I need the window x/y for MouseClick (ControlClick has no effect on app), therefore I'd like to add the origin of the listview, i.e. x+xOrigin, y+yOrigin.

I had to get the origin via the info tool and hard-code some values, as _GUICtrlListView_GetOrigin() always returns 0,0. Shouldn't it return the origin of the control within the parent window, or could it be that there is no parent?

Other GUI functions work with the control handle, so it's just this particular function that doesn't seem to work.

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