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Odd window closures

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I love brick walls don't you? If you run the code below, hit Settings > Color Setup and click the color finder button, then check the box "Start Detection", then click the X to close the GUI, it closes all the parent GUI's as well. Yet when you leave the checkbox unchecked, it won't close the parent GUI's. I located the problem in the code segment:

[autoit] If WinActive("Color Setup") and GUICtrlRead($instartbox) = $GUI_CHECKED Then

$inmouse = GUIGetCursorInfo()

If GUICtrlRead($incolorbox) <> GUICtrlRead($inmouse[4]) Then

GUICtrlSetBkColor($Graphic1, GUICtrlRead($inmouse[4]))

GUICtrlSetData(GUICtrlRead($incolor[1]), GUICtrlRead($inmouse[4]))




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