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Rotate a label

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Anyone going to say boo too a goose? BUMP

Geese are scary things!

I have no idea how to do it in AutoIt. In case it is any help, this is how I do it in Delphi using a method I found somewhere.

procedure AngleTextOut(CV: TCanvas; const sText: String; x,y, angle,size:integer);
   LogFont: TLogFont;
   SaveFont: TFont;
  SetGraphicsMode(CV.Handle, GM_ADVANCED);//for NT
//  CV.Font.Color:=Col;
  SaveFont := TFont.Create;
  GetObject(SaveFont.Handle, sizeof(TLogFont), @LogFont);
  with LogFont do
    lfEscapement  := angle *10;
    lfOrientation := angle *10;
    lfPitchAndFamily := FIXED_PITCH or FF_DONTCARE;
  CV.Font.Handle := CreateFontIndirect(LogFont);
  SetBkMode(CV.Handle, TRANSPARENT);
  CV.TextOut(x, y, sText);

In GDIPlus there are the functions which could deal with this.

If you're desperate You could make a label as normal, copy it to a BitMap, rotate it and draw the new BitMap.

A third idea is to rotate your monitor through 90 degrees but I find the cables get all tangled up.

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