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graphic SLOW on intel chipset

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i made a program who read the XP critical hotfixes status on a computer

i have 5 label controls for each hotfix , so i have over 500 label controls .

some time , after the gui is dispayed , i update the colors or/and backcolors for over 100 controls.

ONLY on computers with intel chipset and video card embedded [like i945G and so on..]

the updates of labels color and backcolor is very very slow .

not happend on sis or via embedded graphics , and of course not on nvidia or ati platforms.

if , on intel computers , i minimize the gui [for a second] , the color updates are updated practicaly instant !?

if not , the update can take 10..30 seconds [from system to system]

same update on nvidia computer take 1..2 seconds [without minimize trick]

i optimised the gui , i create a global variable for each color/back color

so i do not lost time for updating a control who do not need to,

but this lost time on intel computer is bothering me.

so , i dont know the reason for this behaviour !?

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