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sqlite records

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hi i donno this qurey is nt geting data properly wat is worng in it ? any bette solution

func _displayrecords()

If Not  _SQlite_Query (-1, "SELECT * FROM " & " " & $mytable & " " & " limit 1  offset "&$idrecord&";", $hQuerys)  = $SQLITE_OK Then _
_GUICtrlStatusBarSetText($StatusBar ,_SQLite_ErrMsg (), 2)

If Not  _SQLite_FetchData ($hQuerys, $aNames) = $SQLITE_OK Then _
_GUICtrlStatusBarSetText($StatusBar ,_SQLite_ErrMsg (), 2)

GUICtrlSetData($id, $aNames[0])
GUICtrlSetData($date, $aNames[1])
GUICtrlSetData($amount, $aNames[2])
GUICtrlSetData($voucher, $aNames[3])
GUICtrlSetData($description, $aNames[4])
GUICtrlSetData($posted_by, $aNames[5])
GUICtrlSetData($autherized_by, $aNames[6])
GUICtrlSetData($company, $aNames[7])
GUICtrlSetData($prints, $aNames[8])

_GUICtrlStatusBarSetText($StatusBar, $idrecord , 1)

If Not  _SQLite_QueryFinalize ($hQuerys)  = $SQLITE_OK Then _
_GUICtrlStatusBarSetText($StatusBar ,_SQLite_ErrMsg (), 2)    

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