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GuiGetMsg vs GuiSetOnEvent

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I've started playing around with the new GUI syntax and I really like it a lot. I seems easier to use than the old syntax.

So I'm converting some of my previous GUI's to the new syntax. In the old syntax I had a while loop around a GuiMsg, which seems now to have been replaced by GuiGetMsg.

However, on the new syntax I am trying to use the "events" as it seems a cleaner way of doing the work. But this made me wonder if we can use both methods at the same time or do we need to use either one or the other?

Also, it is a bit ackward that when using the event method we still need to add a while loop such as:

While 1



It is not a problem but it looks "bad". Maybe there should be a function GuiWaitClose or something like that.

Also I wonder if this loop lets the script go "idle" in the same manner that GuiGetMsg does. This is what the help file it says in the Remarks section of GuiGetMsg:

"This function automatically idles the CPU when required so that it can be safely used in tight loops without hogging all the CPU."



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It will work fine without hogging the CPU. In fact it doesn't work as hard in the onevent mode so should be less CPU overall.

You can only be in one mode or the other, not both. The messages from the GUI would quickly get out of sync otherwise. When in the event mode GuiGetMsg will always return 0.

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