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Thanks-Gireder replacement

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I just wanted to say thanks for AutoItX3. I had always wanted to write my own Gireder replacement but found the win32 api stuff needed to do some of the stuf to difficult. AutoItX3 was very easy to implement in VB.net 2005 and I have achieved most of what girder does including a simple gml replacement that alows creation of tree style command macros that can be saved.

As it is now it can talk to Zoom Player through tcp or sendmessage, to girder through tcp or its api and generally control windows using AutoIt.

It has delays, toggles etc.

I use my own serial input device that I wrote in pic assembler and it is my own design but probably the usual serial input devices would work as well as the serial interface is very flexible and only needs an event in binary or string.

My program captures the serial event , looks at the command macros in the tree and if a command is found then it is done. There is provision for passing unused commands on to Girder if required. I use my setup for hometheater control and since I have two computers that interface seperately into the hometheater I made my program to have a dual interface so that it behaves as described or it can be configured to pass it events via tcp. to the other computer running the same program that then uses the commands instead.

I mention all this just in case there is another enthusiast who has wanted to go down the same road but has found the going to be a bit though.

I can be reached at dekkernz@gmail.com



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