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SysColor UDF

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SysColor UDF - a SystemColors class function library...

.Get color values from Windows® display elements.

.Convert color values in between Hex, RGB and CSS.

.Derives color values based on Html methodes.

.Calculate a percentage between two colors into an array.

The SysColor UDF is a low level library with functions that interface with the activex component 'SysColorCtrl.SysColorCtrl' from the library Cic.dll that is part of Microsoft® Windows® Operativsystem. This udf is tested on Win2K, WinXP and as Cic.dll is part of the Vista Operativsystem, should function too but never tested...

There's a lot of Global variables initiated at scripting runtime that all starts with $SYSCOLOR_ , each property of the SystemColors class is a Color structure that is the color of a Windows display element, these can be manuallly updated with the function _GetSysColorProperties(). There is one special Global Constant Array $SysColor_CSS containing 28 pre-defined color values of the CSS class, each property is a preset Color structure that is a color of Windows display elements...












Most functions work on RGB, Hex and the CSS color values and do calculatings in between ...

Attached is a User Defined Function Reference in autoit3 style...

Download from site:


Kåre Johansson

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