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Surpress Download File Dialog?

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I've automated a web page to fill out several form fields and click the submit button.

When I do this, the "File Download" dialog appears prompting me to hit the save button and then enter the filename to save the download as.

Is there a way via AutoIt that I can tell the system beforehand to hide the "File Download" and "Save As" dialogs?

Thanks in advance.

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I dont know about before hand, but you can certainly hide the windows as soon as they come up. So it would be a small flash on the screen. There also may be a windows setting to just automatically save the files without prompt.


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I would suggest urldownloadtofile to download the files instead of using IE for them at all.


Yeah. :)

@aantix: You also could create your own procedure for a 'fast answer', when this window it's displayed. With some Win* functions...of course. :)

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If the process you are automating requires Internet explorer for some reason (possibly not always downloading the same file) then you could write a real simple download manager (which wraps the URLDownloadFile or InetGet functions). I think there is a way to change the default download manager for internet explorer, you could then temporarily set it as such.

*** Matt @ MPCS

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