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Borland Turbo C++ AutoItX work guide and help needed with static library

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OK if you want to AutoItX to work in your Borland Turbo C++ you must make this:

In your program folder you must copy file: AutoIt3.h from AutoIt3\AutoItX\StandardDLL\VC6

Then you must convert AutoItX3.lib into proper format (i got msg: [Linker Error] Error: 'C:\TEST\AUTOITX3.LIB' contains invalid OMF record, type 0x21 (possibly COFF) ) so i am using coff2omf.exe program which is in the borland main folder. I copy it to the C:/LIB then copy AUTOITX3.LIB then i run console and type cd .. , cd LIB and typr this: coff2omf.exe AUTOITX3.LIB GOOD_AUTOITX3.LIB . I got this file, rename it to AUTOITX3.LIB, copy to my program main folder and Add by: Project -> Add to project . The last thing you must do is to copy AutoItX3.dll into folder where yours apllication .exe file is for me it is C:/Test/Debug_Build then it will work!

Ok now my problem is: I want to have one-file-program so i read forum and notices that i must do static library from the .dll file. Ok i maked one with success ( using DLL to LIB program) and got also header file. But when i am trying to add (.dll file changed to .lib file) into my program i got the same LINKER error which i got with orginal AUTOITX3.LIB. coff2omf.exe doesn't work with msg:

C:\LIB>coff2omf.exe AutoItX3.lib ble.lib

COFF to OMF Converter Version Copyright © 1999, 2000 Inprise Corporat


ERROR: COFF error: AutoItX3.lib

(coffread.cpp, 1502) : invalid machine type detected

Please help me. I want to have my one-file program with working auto-it options.

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