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It should hide only the Command interpreter, not Excel.

Command Interpreter spawns up Excel, and you didn't have it do so in a hidden window.

I guess my question is what is not hidden? the Black Dos box, or Excel?

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Yes the @SW_HIDE the way you are using it only hides the command/dos prompt window. If you want to do something with the Excel window then you may want to check out the start /? because it will show you different options you can use with that.

Another option would be to use the run to actually open the excel.exe (you would need the full path of the excel.exe) and then use the @SW_HIDE on the end of that and it will hide the excel window as there will be no other window to hide.

Here is an example...

Run("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\EXCEL.EXE", "", @SW_HIDE)

The above will hide your excel.exe.

Hope that helps,


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