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Shell32 UDF

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Shell32 UDF

The Shell32 UDF provide access like some of the basics as the early autoit2 methodes did, I found some missing tasks that I wanted to include as to automate Windows® operating tasks - there's actually a lot of power in this UDF that is not directly supported by autoit3 although shell32 library is one of the foundations to the autoit language.

This UDF provide a lot of direct access to most of Windows® common dialogs, wizards and browsing elements, most functions do nothing except provide an direct access to the elements...

1.Open folders as part of Windows® browser display elements.

2.Include elements from Windows® dialog elements like the volume element.

3.Option to OrginizeWindows as cascade or tiled elemets and to do undos.

4.Include most of the wizards from Windows® intuitions.

5.Create Shortcuts from predifined Windows® intuition elements.

6.Arrange or Add new IEFavorites to Windows® explorer browser.

7.Display contense from parts of a compiled help .chm file.

The Shell32 UDF is a hign level library with functions to interface with the activex components 'shell.application', 'WScript.Shell' and the 'Shell.UIHelper' that's all part of Microsoft® Windows® Operativsystem. The UDF use the 'HH.exe' application that's part of Microsoft® Html help Workshop and and the 'Sndvol32.exe and Sndrec32.exe' part of Windows® Operativsystem....

This UDF is tested on Win2K, WinXP but never tested on Vista Operativsystem but should do....

Included is documentation as autoit3 style with a 'Shell32 Management' site...

Download from site


kjactive :)

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Emiel Wieldraaijer


i'm going to take a look

Best regards,Emiel Wieldraaijer

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