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Screen Gamma

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See attached screen gamma program.

Once compiled you can run the script and set your screen up as required and save the settings, then if you call the compiled exe file with a /h commandline argument it will set the Gamma without showing the gui.

The gamma settings are reset when windows is restarted which is why you would create a shortcut to launch the app with the /h command.

The attached image file would get fileinstalled to the compiled exe.

Thanks Larry for the initial help with the call to gdi32!

Edit: Some graphics cards do not support the Windows gdi32 gamma setting!

Edit2: New version attached with load gamma at startup added.

Previously 38 downloads



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you beat me on posting. i am compiling a full library of desktop and multi monitor functions. Setting gamma is included. I call the dll in a slightly different way even if i must say it was difficult to get it right (and i believe there is still space for improvement)

The whole library will be loaded by tonight i hope. The code comes from many source but view your experience on a similar topic I will appreciate all your comments and possible extensions.

The real nighmare is to make things work on multi-monitor set up and i must say there is still such a huge lack of info on this topic that anybody that can help is absolutely welcome.

-----------------------------------------------CARPE DIEMProcess Create functionDisplay_Library_FunctionsSkype erase history

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