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ICQ 2 Go Script

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Opt ("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)
$icqnummer = InputBox("Icq #", "Enter ICQ UIN:", "", "")
If @error = 1 Then Exit
$passwort = InputBox("Password", "Enter password:", "", "*")
If @error = 1 Then Exit
RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c start iexplore.exe http://go.icq.com", '', @SW_HIDE)
WinWait("Your Web-based ICQ!")
WinWait("ICQ Inc")
; You may need to change the next value!
Send("{TAB 2}")
WinClose("Your Web-based ICQ!")

This asks you for your icq and your password. Then it logs you into icq! It´s pretty useful on guest computers like school or internet café! Enjoy!

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[quote name='d2hacker88' date='Jan 6 2005, 05:10 PM']Can someone please help me out with autoit like gimme a link on how to use it cause i have no experience with computer languages and i'd like to make a program with autoit in order to empress my computer teacher.[right][snapback]52215[/snapback][/right][/quote]

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