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Hello all,

I have to say this forum has been a huge help with my learning and using of autoit. with that said, i have a new question that i am trying to figure out.

i am making a gui "app" to display several lines from excel. i can get one line to work but what i need to do is to read out all the data where a colum is set to a specific value (for this example i will use the letter O...for open). I cant seem to figure this out. but if you could give me some pointers in the right direction perhaps i can add 2 and 2 and get it working.

what needs to happen is read different columns in a row and the entire read function would be based on a value set on one of the columns.

for example.

in excel i have several columns like

types of fruit large/small date picked time in box approx shippment time good/bad

(again this is an example)

what i need to do is display some of the info in a gui window for autoit. lets say i need to display the types of fruit, large/small, approx shippment time for all lines where good/bad is equal to good...and then loop it to show all the lines that equal this until a null value is reached.

i have played around with this but have not figured out how to do it...

any thougths

can some one point me in the right direction...not asking any one to completely code this...just pointers...half the fun of creation is creating it...but im just at a loss here on this..


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