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What controls position of entries on menu bar?

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Is there a specific control/option that determines the order of entries (items or icons) on a window's menu bar? I'm working on a application that uses an absolute minimum of frames, but the menu bar entries are placed on the far right of the bar and becoming scrambled with the window's normal icons.

This example is of an MDIClient window maximized inside a frameless parent window. T


Thanks for any help.

Added: the scrambling occurs as soon as I access any on the controls on the MDIClient window; before that point, the menu bar appears normal.

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I hope someone can shed so light on this soon. I've tried everything I can think of: Here are additional details.

Parent Window Style and Extended Style:



Child Window Style and Extended Style:



As I mentioned in the edited post, the windows come up fine, but clicking on any control that requires the child to refresh causes the menu items to shift to the right side of the top bar. I've never observed that behavior in any PC application and I'm baffled. Has anyone ever seen such a thing? Are any of the above style settings considered "illegal"?

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